The weekly news reports on an interesting and unpleasant event for the 26-year-old Marie from Hamburg. This news quickly became the most read news of all the top stories and was also the most commented on the social networks. The 26-year-old Marie from Hamburg got the necessary support due to the popularity of her message.

Marie from Hamburg is a normal 26-years old girl who is a student, has a boyfriend and also has a part-time job. Through her part-time work, Marie can continue and finance her studies and also save some money. The special thing about Marie is her great love for cars – an interesting hobby for a 26-year-old girl.

Every day Marie learns something new about the new modern cars and informs herself with the help of the social media. She already knows a great deal about all car makes and their characteristics and feels like learning even more. Once a month she visits the car dealership near her and looks at the car models.

However, something strange and unpleasant happened to Marie during the last visit in the car showroom. While looking around in the car showroom the 26-year-old Marie was asked to leave the showroom. She was not sure why she was asked to do that and wanted to know the reason. The answer to her question was that she was just too poor to look at the car models in the dealership.

Offended, nervous and disappointed, the 26-year-old Marie left the car showroom and went home. She was so disappointed that she just wanted to give up her hobby. However, after the publication of the story it quickly became popular and many people gave Marie the necessary support. The employee’s behavior was judged to be bad and unacceptable by all social media.

The story is currently number 1 in the most read news and also a very popular top story. Marie’s complaints on the social media continue to receive many comments and support comes from all around the world.

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